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Hatch An Etherion Egg

Note: Skills listed may be tweaked as battle system gets tested. After clicking the hatch button, sign the transaction in Metamask. It may take several minutes for your hatchling to be mined on the Ethereum blockchain. The age-cap is one year unless otherwise specified. Currently available:

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Skirmish Battle!

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Grow your ether dragons – “Etherions” — from hatchlings to powerful creatures.

Etherions is a collectibles game where you can buy cute hatchlings stored on the Ethereum blockchain and grow them to powerful creatures. With each passing day their powers grow, including health points and ability strength, which you can track. In your nursery they play with their siblings and discover their abilities.

Battle system

Once your whelps reach a certain age and strength, they may be able to do battle with other etherions. Older etherions are bigger and more powerful (making them more valuable), but for now aging is limited to 30 days. Rarer etherions have slightly better or more unique fighting abilities. This system is still underdevelopment.

Q: Is this an ICO?

No, all creatures will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be bought or (from a certain age) be traded using ether.

Q: I only care about growing return on investment, is this game for me?

While games should be played for fun primarily, there are opportunities to gain ETH. Etherions cannot breed with each other so their scarcity is high. Full grown etherions are more likely to be worth much more than their hatchling counterpart, especially the rare variations, since raising them costs effort and possibly gas in the future. So buying a rare hatchling and raising it to adulthood may net you a pretty penny, especially if compounded by the rise of Ether value itself. As with all investments, it carries risk.

Q: How to start?

This is a 3D dapp, so a decent graphics card is good to have. Install the metamask extension for Google Chrome. You need to have WebGL enabled (it is by default). Click on an egg to choose your first whelp and start the hatching process!

Q: I just hatched an egg but my etherion only sleeps! What gives?

Freshly hatched animals sleep a lot. He or she should get more active in a few days! Getting them a sibling also helps so they can play with each other.